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By adding mindfulness to our business practices we resolve to be true in our efforts to show a new reflection of reality. This new reality is one that welcomes imperfection with compassion while working hard to make large and small choices that add benefit to all people and places.

Humane Imperfection was founded on Martha's Vineyard in 2015 by Noavakay Knight and Stanislav Harag, a couple who share a passion for social justice and responsible consumerism.  Humane Imperfection was born with one design, a backpack made primarily out of second hand materials, designed in an upcycle workshop. This act of using remnant wools made in North America was the first link to the puzzle of making a socially conscious product. The second piece was being able to produce products ethically with fair wages, and remain in production in the USA with a small carbon footprint. Humane Imperfection connected to a family manufacturing business that has been producing backpacks for 30 years and has weathered the storm of outsourcing as well as the economic crash of 2008.

“If we spend life waiting for perfection before sharing our gifts and passions with the world, we never will. Perfection is not something that is truly attainable but something that should be strived for.  If we are clear on what drives us then we can guide our efforts to reflect our goals.”—Noava Knight